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With our extensive knowledge of medication and the many resources available to us, we are confident in gaining your trust to better serve our patients and the community.

Our affiliations with Professional Compounding Centers of America, PCCA, and the Alliance for Pharmacy Compounding, formerly IACP, helps to keep us informed with the latest research and developments in the specialized field of pharmacy compounding. We provide alternative solutions for your patients and practice. You are not limited to prescribing “commercially available” drugs.

At Williamsburg Drug Company, we understand the importance of the triad between prescriber, pharmacy and patient to achieve the optimal healthy outcome.

What does the American Medical Association say about compounding?

American Medical Association (AMA) Resolution
H-120.945 AMA Action on Non FDA-Approved Compounded Medications

Our American Medication Association:

1. Recognizes that compounding pharmacies must comply with current United States Pharmacopeia and National Formulary (USP-NF) compounding monographs, when available, and recommends that they be required to conform with USP-NF General Chapters on pharmaceutical compounding to ensure the uniformity, quality, and safety of compounded medications;

2. Encourages state boards of pharmacy and the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP), the umbrella organization for state boards of pharmacy, to work with the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to identify and take appropriate enforcement action against entities that are illegally manufacturing medications under the guise of pharmacy compounding. (BOT Action in response to referred for decision Res. 521, A-06)

American Medical Association:

What are compounded, or personalized, medications?

Compounded Medication is Personalized Therapy
As a physician, you should always consider compounding commercially available drugs first. However, when commercially available drugs are not appropriate or not available compounded medications may provide additional opportunities for treatment. Compounded medications are individualized therapy that allows you to have the flexibility of prescribing the right strength, route of administration, and combination of active ingredients. Compounding permits you to develop new medications for your patient’s specific needs.

Compounded medication customization can include:
Prescribing strengths that are not commercially available
Eliminating an ingredient that the patient may not be able to tolerate
Converting an oral medication to a topical cream in order to bypass first-pass metabolism
Combining two or more ingredients into one convenient dosage form

We believe that all of our patients are genetically and biochemically different. Addressing and improving patient’s individualized health needs, as well as, enhancing the scope of your practice is no longer limited to “standardized medicine.” Compounding medication may be used to:

Improve patient compliance by providing a medication designed for the individual patient
Limit dosage strengths
Expand limited dosage strengths that are commercially available
Expand limited dosage forms that are commercially available
Provide a discontinued drug
Provide a drug that is temporarily unavailable from the manufacturer
Provide drugs for clinical studies