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Many patients are allergic to preservatives and dyes, or are sensitive to standard drug strengths. With a prescriber’s consent, a compounding pharmacist can customize the strength of a medication, alter its form to make medication easier to ingest or add flavor to make it more pleasant.

Since 1895, Williamsburg Drug Company has provided custom-made medication for all members of your family, including the furry ones. Our pharmacists are committed to formulating medication that fits the unique needs of individualized patients. By combining FDA-approved pharmaceutical ingredients into customized formulations, our pharmacists eliminate treatment barriers for patients when commercially-available drugs are not suitable.

Compounded medication is personalized therapy. And, like other therapies, knowing whether it is the right choice for you is the first step. Compounded medications are used for a variety of reasons, such as: 

  • When medications are discontinued or generally unavailable from pharmaceutical companies and manufacturers
  • When the patient is allergic to certain preservatives, dyes, or binders found in commercially available drugs
  • When treatment requires tailored dosage strengths for patients with unique needs (for example, an infant and animals)
  • When a pharmacist can combine several medications a patient is taking to increase compliance
  • When a patient cannot ingest the medication in it’s commercially available form and a pharmacist can prepare the medication in cream, liquid or other form
  • When medications require flavor additives to make them more palatable for some patients, most often, children and pets