Health & Wellness Assessment / TWIN Evaluation

The TWIN evaluation is a way for the practitioner to get an overall assessment of personalized wellness. Along with medical history, it will develop a program to help guide a plan to correct lifestyle, diet, and therapeutics. The TWIN will provide a plan that will include diagnostics, nutrition, and lifestyle instructions that will result in measurable outcomes. Those outcomes will improve how you look and feel in each area within your iCAN categories of function, energy, biochemistry, and metabolism. The TWIN will look at essential systems of the body. No area of the body works alone. If there is stress, this can affect many other areas such as blood sugar, fat storage, balance, memory & focus, as well as sleep. The TWIN will help uncover areas that may prevent you from achieving your wellness and overall health goals.

First and foremost, the TWIN will determine how you feel. It is essential because how you feel daily can indicate your status of wellness and vitality. How you feel today is the total of the iCANs occurring due to decisions about your health and the encounters during your lifetime. The TWIN will not only determine how your body is performing now but, more importantly, also predicts where your health will be in the future.

The TWIN process is a proprietary method for assisting practitioners in assessing overall vitality and wellness and the risk associated with each iCAN. These values are not a “snapshot” of your wellness now but represent you and your health moving forward. A personalized plan of diet, exercise, nutritional supplements, and lab testing (along with chiropractic) are also incorporated into a program to surround you with the tools and information needed to shift your overall health to optimal performance.

Individual Category Analysis Network (iCAN):

  1. Functional Stress Index
  2. Cellular Tempo-Resilience Index
  3. Detoxification Index
  4. Cardio-Circulatory Index
  5. Hormone Balance Index
  6. Digestive and Immune Index
  7. Brain and Mental Performance Index