Wellness Health Consult

Preventative care is the cornerstone of wellness that has long been overlooked by our healthcare system; here at Williamsburg Drug we are dedicated toward improving patient health and wellness by providing an opportunity to measure several metrics that are essential to your longevity. Dr. Hyatt looks forward to sitting down with you for a private discussion about how to improve your overall health.  
Tests performed during this consultation include:
  • Blood Pressure – Hypertension has been called the “silent killer” leading to  40,000 American deaths every year and another 200,000 from hypertension related illnesses. 
  • Blood Sugar – Uncontrolled blood sugar will lead to insulin resistance and ultimately diabetes which is associated with many negative downstream consequences. 
  • pH (saliva) – Imbalances in your saliva pH can be the result of underlying mineral deficiency from improper diet, disease, or drug interactions.
  • S3 Antioxidant Scan – This optical scanner is able to measure levels of carotenoids in your skin and can help identify antioxidant deficiency which may cause excess aging.
  • Cognivue – A short cognitive test which measures five domains including memory, visuospatial, executive function, reaction time, and processing speed. As we age having these baseline results will make it easier to identify the beginning signs and symptoms of dementia or alzheimers. 
  • Nitric Oxide – Your nitric oxide level is a great way to measure your overall perfusion and circulation. Improper blood flow can result in fatigue or pain and reduce the effectiveness of your overall immune system.

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