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For cancelled subscriptions, and re-enrollment, the patient must repeat as a new patient with initial consultation and fee.

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“Start your proactive and preventative health journey with a one-hour comprehensive consultation and health coaching session personalized for you by Jaime Reid, PharmD. Our unique approach includes a detailed presentation of your test results with an explanation of the effects on your present and future wellness. In addition, a written plan of targeted treatment recommendations and suggestions to address your needs will be provided. You will also have access to Jaime for two scheduled fifteen minute telephone support sessions and a 10% discount on supplements purchased at the consultation.

Jaime Reid

Jaime Reid graduated from the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy in 2008. She has worked in the independent pharmacy industry since she graduated, first starting in Maryland before joining  Williamsburg Drug Company after relocating to Virginia. 

Having specialized in the treatment of infertility, she found herself drawn to learning more bout ht bigger picture related to overall health and wellness. Having earned her endocrinology certification from the American Academy of Anto-Aging Medicine (A4M), she has since concentrated on discovering new tests available to address patient concerns. In particular, how the tests can paint a picture to illuminate specific hormonal or nutrient deficiencies. 

Outside of the pharmacy, Jaime enjoys reading, running, and spending time with her husband and four lovely children.